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Broadcast Schedule

*All game broadcasts subject to change

Tuesday, Jan 9 – GB/BB vs Douglass Trojans – 6:30/8pm
Friday, Jan 12 – GB/BB vs Carl Albert Titans – 6:30/8pm

Thursday, Jan 18 – WREST vs Harrah Panthers – 6pm

Tuesday, Jan 23 – WREST vs Crossings Knights (Senior Night) – 6pm
Friday, Jan 26 – GB/BB vs Guymon Tigers (Senior Night) – 6:30/8pm

Tuesday, Jan 30 – GB/BB vs Mount St. Mary Rockets – 6:30/8pm

Thursday, February 8 – JVB/GB/BB at Guymon Tigers – 5:15/6:30/8pm

Friday, February 16 – GB vs Bridge Creek, 3:30pm; BB vs Sulphur (OSSAA District Playoffs), 8pm

Saturday, February 24 – GB vs Elk City (OSSAA Regional Conso at Anadarko HS), 6:30pm
Monday, February 26 – BB vs Elk City (OSSAA Regional Championship at Anadarko HS), 8pm

Friday, March 2 – BB vs Ardmore (OSSAA Area Championship at Washington HS), 8pm
*Saturday, March 3 – BB vs TBA (OSSAA Area Conso Championship at Washington HS), 8pm *ONLY IF FRIDAY LOSS

Monday, March 5 – BASE vs Carl Albert, 4:30pm
Tuesday, March 6 – GS/BS vs Classen SAS, 5pm/7pm

Tuesday, March 27 – GS/BS vs Altus, 4:30pm/6:30pm

Tuesday, April 3 – BASE vs McLoud, 4:30pm
Friday, April 6 – GS/BS vs Santa Fe South, 5:30pm/7:30pm

Tuesday, April 10 – GS/BS vs Piedmont Wildcats, 6pm/8pm
Wednesday, April 11 – TEN vs Mount St. Mary Rockets & McGuinness Irish, 3:30pm
Friday, April 13 – GS/BS vs Macarthur Highlanders, 5:30pm/7:30pm

Monday, April 16 – BASE vs Tecumseh Savages, 4:30pm
Friday, April 20 – BASE vs Chisholm Longhorns (Senior Night), 6:00pm ceremony

Monday, April 23 – BASE vs Elgin Owls, 5pm
*Thursday, April 26 – BASE vs OSSAA Bi-District Playoffs Game 1 & 2 (if HH hosts)
*Friday, April 27 – BASE vs OSSAA Bi-District Playoffs If Necessary Game 3 (if HH hosts)

*Tuesday, May 1 – GS/BS vs OSSAA Round 1 Playoffs (if HH hosts)
*May 3rd through 5th – BASE vs OSSAA Regionals (if HH hosts)
*Friday, May 4 – GS/BS vs OSSAA Round 2 Playoffs (if HH hosts)

*Tuesday, May 8 – GS/BS vs OSSAA Semifinals (if OSSAA and host site permit)

*Tentative broadcast, teams must qualify or meet listed conditions first